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Pacci Pristine

Pacci Pristine is a beauty brand that focuses on producing premium makeup products at affordable prices for beauty enthusiasts and professionals. In 2020, I led the creation of the brand’s initial identity, which included the logo, stationery, product design, and packaging.

As the brand aimed to scale up in 2022, a new strategy was implemented, necessitating a fresh identity design. Working in collaboration with my superhero team at Gluedot Agency, we developed a new brand strategy and crafted a new tagline for Pacci Pristine. We created a unique identity aligned with the brand’s new direction. 

Additionally, I took charge of developing new products and packaging that reflected the brand’s updated identity. Furthermore, I worked closely with a dedicated team I assembled to create engaging content for social media promotions. This approach significantly enhanced brand awareness and established greater credibility within the industry.

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